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Transforming the Partnership between Agency Recruiters & Talent Acquisition

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What does your relationship with Internal Talent Acquisition OR Agency Recruiters look like?

A true partnership allows companies to have a broader and deeper access to the talent market to find the BEST possible candidate. Cooperation & communication between both parties means better outcomes, right?

As an Agency – we like to see ourselves as an extension to your business, an advocate and brand ambassador for your company. Extraordinary businesses need extraordinary people especially working in the Aged Care & Community Services arena so it’s pivotal to partner with someone who can best understand your business needs.

Why can relationships between TA & AR be flawed? It can be down to poor communication & lack of trust.

What can we do to improve these relationships?

  • Respect each other: Respect between both parties goes a long way. If you are an agency recruiter take some time to learn the organizations internal processes. If the internal recruitment team asks you to only refer CV’s to the internal team – then do as they ask. When you get to know the business and processes then you can make suggestions to strengthen the partnership to improve outcomes.
  • Educate each other & provide feedback: The recruitment process can be a rollercoaster ride so use your relationship with internal recruitment/agency recruiters to your advantage. The agency recruiter has valuable market knowledge and an internal recruiter knows why that candidate did or didn’t hit the mark. Sharing this knowledge goes back to the common goal of finding the right person for the job. Keeping in touch is key – Don’t ghost your external recruiter – keep them in the loop – this improves the candidate journey and helps to manage candidate expectations.
  • Honesty is always the best policy: From the point of engagement be clear on what you require from the recruitment partnership. The outcome for both parties is to place great candidates in roles that they LOVE. Work together – Agency recruiters can add value to internal recruitment teams to nurture long term relationships.

Strong working relationships & being able to understand each other’s processes = the best possible outcomes for the candidate & the organisation.


Why partner with external agencies?

  • Candidate experience: First impressions always matter right? A candidates journey through the recruitment process is one of the most important factors for attracting talent. A candidate’s ‘feelings’, whether good or bad, can influence a candidate in their decision to apply to your organisation or accept your job offer. Where does the candidates experience start? It begins from the initial job search through to application, communication, feedback, interview, onboarding right through to feedback.
  • Dedicated partnership with specialist expertise: Sometimes internal resources are stretched or limited and partnering with the right agency can allow internal teams to focus on other strategic initiatives, with the full confidence that your talent acquisition needs are being handled by skilled experts who are dedicated to your organisation.
  • Value add: Work with experts who live and breathe their specialised area day in day out. The quality of the hiring process can enhance retention, reduce risk and ultimately, give you and your organization a competitive advantage.
  • Employer brand: To attract the best possible person in the market for your organisation you must employ a creative and strategic approach. Partner and put trust in the right agency to sell your company’s employment brand in the best possible way.

Change and reinvent the way that you work with your agency/talent partner and work towards a common vision.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

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