Finding staff

The Recruitment Process

Prospero Health & Social Care Australasia, is a specialist boutique recruitment company focused on health care services recruitment nationwide across Australia and New Zealand.

We are part of the bigger global company, Prospero Group established back in 2000. We are a family owned recruitment company that has grown from one small office in London in the UK to be an award-winning global recruitment entity with offices across the world that work collaboratively together. However, one feature has stayed the same from our humble beginnings and that is the importance of family and the community.

We can support you with a range of recruitment solutions from care workers up to senior level positions. The process is as follows:

We meet you face to face to take a detailed job brief, set timelines and familiarise ourselves with the environment and culture of your organisation; 

We advertise and market the role; 

We source potential candidates including active candidates that we are working with; 

We carry out the Compliance and Credentialing Process – Meeting candidates face to face and completing detailed interview and checks; 

We profile and shortlist the candidates for you; 

We coordinate the job process and prepare the candidates for interview;

We consult with you and carry out an offer management process including assessment and checks; 

After placement we review and follow up with both the client and candidate to ensure satisfaction.