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Tackling the Skills Shortage in Aged Care

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In a recent post, we highlighted the increase in demand for healthcare professionals and aged care manager jobs. This week we look into recent reports of a staffing crisis in aged care, whilst also finding reasons to be optimistic about the future of the sector. We reflect on the importance of aged care managers currently and discover that now may be the perfect time for experienced aged carers to consider the step up into a manager role.


aged care manager jobs

There is a huge demand for skilled professionals to take on aged care manager jobs


The increased demand is in part due to workers choosing to leave the industry, but also a consequence of the ageing population in Australia and New Zealand.


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What is an Aged Care Manager?

How Bad is the Skills Crisis in Aged Care?

Australia’s Minister for Employment, Stuart Robert, told audiences at the CEDA’s The Care Economy Forum in October 2021 that the country is on the verge of facing a skills crisis in aged care. By 2025, a further one million healthcare professionals will be needed across health and social care services to meet the demand in care.

We looked into the Aged Care staffing crisis study by CompliSpace Aged Care in Australia. They reported that 1 in 5 aged care workers are considering leaving the profession following the pressures of the pandemic. Long hours, increased levels of paperwork (due to COVID-19 related regulations) and high stress were cited as the key factors.

In New Zealand, similar findings were reported at the Grant Thornton Aged Care Forum. In this report, aged care skills shortages are attributed to the wage gap between aged care workers and nurses in other healthcare settings.

While this may seem a rather gloomy report, it is stark findings like these that can help bring positive change.

Reasons to be Optimistic About Aged Care Manager Jobs

These findings clearly show that changes need to be made in New Zealand and Australia to ensure that the older generations are cared for. Hopefully, lessons will be learned from the challenges of the pandemic.

In fact, the Australian Fair Work Commission is reviewing an application to increase pay for aged care professionals by up to 25%. A decision will be reached by July 2022.

Following this commission, $652 million has been earmarked for training and up-skilling aged care professionals.

In a society where ageing is part of the culture, it’s encouraging to see care workers recognized for their contribution. In the sector, things are looking up as governments recognize the importance of treating workers fairly to ensure their welfare and long-term retention.

Additionally, the top reasons for staying in the profession have been summarised as:

  • Relationships with residents and families
  • Job satisfaction and fulfilment
  • Relationships with co-workers

These are just a few of the many reasons why working in aged care is highly rewarding.

Career Pathways for Aged Care Workers

The report found that a third of those with experience in aged care jobs intended to stay long term. These findings show that experienced healthcare professionals must be identified and nurtured. These healthcare professionals will be crucial to mentoring the next wave of aged carers. If you are an experienced healthcare professional, get in touch today to discuss opportunities in aged care manager jobs.

Thank You For Reading Our Post on Aged Care Manager Jobs

Ultimately, it is clear career pathways in aged care that will lead to stability in the sector. At Prospero, we are passionate about supporting all our candidates with their career progression. Reach out today to discuss options and explore opportunities. Browse our current vacancies if you are looking for a new role.