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5 Reasons to Consider Aged Care Jobs

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The need for skilled health care professionals for aged care jobs has never been higher. The challenges presented by the global pandemic have shone a spotlight on the very necessary nature of healthcare professionals specialising in elderly care. Statistics show that by 2044, Australia will have more people in their over 60s than those aged 18 for the first time. By 2036 in New Zealand, 23% of the population is projected to be over 65, compared to 14% in 2013. This shows that the demand for elderly care is guaranteed to continue to increase significantly. All across Australia and New Zealand, many elderly care workers already make a huge difference in the quality of life of our elderly. Do you have a caring nature? Are you considering a rewarding career in aged care? Can you offer your support where it’s needed the most?

To answer the question, ‘why work in aged care?’ Check out 5 compelling reasons below:

Aged Care jobs

Elderly care in a residential care home

1. No day is the same…

Working in aged care is the perfect choice if you enjoy variety in your day. One of the best things about working in a care home is that you are never quite sure what is going to happen from one hour to the next…

Together, you and your colleagues will create a fun, enjoyable environment for the elderly in your care. Depending on the interests and passions of the residents, you’ll be encouraged to facilitate a variety of interesting activities. If you have a particular interest or artistic talent, this is a setting where you can bring your hobbies to the workplace.

As the care needs of residents are likely to change on a daily basis, this is also a fantastic career choice if you’re able to react and adapt quickly to any changes.


2. You get the opportunity to work with interesting characters

The primary reason every day is varied is the number of interesting characters you are likely to care for and work with. There is a reason most cultures around the world respect and look up to elderly people. They have lived through more history than most! Taking the time to get to know and listen to the elderly in care can offer amusing anecdotes, powerful life lessons, new perspectives on social history and more!

Furthermore, your colleagues are likely to be caring and friendly people much like yourself. In aged care jobs, you’ll find a supportive mix of friends and colleagues.


3. It’s an incredibly sociable and rewarding job!

Do you enjoy having a chat and being social? When you work for an aged care organization, you get paid to put your social skills to work. Aged care workers have a very important role to play; in addition to being responsible for residents’ physical needs, they should also get to know them personally and support their emotional and social needs.

Besides looking after the older people in your care, you’ll also be in contact with their family members and visitors. Firstly, family members may find it difficult to adjust to their loved one being in care. This could also be a very difficult adaptation for the elderly person themselves. Therefore, you will be required to be friendly, understanding and empathetic.

why work in aged care?

4. The opportunity for career progression

A cursory glance at the Australian Government’s Aged Care Standards will tell you that this is a sector that is carefully protected by a robust framework. Within aged care work, there is plenty of opportunity for training and progression. Ensuring you have an understanding of the Aged Care Quality Standards makes a great starting point. (in this document, ‘consumer’ refers to a person in care.) Then, talk to your recruitment consultant or ask directly at the interview stage, about the opportunities available for training and progression.

It is also possible to complete a ‘Certificate in Ageing Care’ to put you in higher demand among employers. Aged care is a growth sector. Australia forecast that there were 179,000 aged care jobs available before the pandemic. This has been predicted to double by 2050. In New Zealand, between 12-20,000 more residents will need aged residential care by 2026. Therefore, it’s clear that innovative and skilled workers could thrive in the sector, as care homes try to find ways to meet the rising demand for care.

5. Potential to be flexible and family-orientated

There are several different contract types for aged care jobs meaning that you can find work to suit your lifestyle:

  • Long term contracts
  • Short term contracts
  • Part-time aged care work

As there is a huge and increasing demand for aged care workers, this means you can choose to work pretty much anywhere across Australia and New Zealand. This could be the perfect career choice for somebody looking to experience a change or a sense of adventure.

Thank you for reading our post on reasons to consider aged care jobs in Australia and New Zealand! For tips on caring for an elderly person, check out our previous post here.

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