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Straight to Residence: A New Visa Option for Nurses and Midwives looking for a move to New Zealand

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Are you a nurse or midwife looking for job opportunities abroad?


If so, then you should consider the new updates to the ‘straight to residence’ visa offered by New Zealand. These changes have taken effect from the 15th of December 2022, the new changes to the visa allows nurses and midwives to apply for residency straight away upon job offer. In this blog post, we will discuss what the straight to residence visa is, who is eligible, and how it can help you achieve your goals of living and working in New Zealand.


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What is the Straight to Residence Visa?


The Straight to Residence Visa is a new pathway available for nurses and midwives looking to move to New Zealand. Upon job offer, you can either apply for a Temporary work Visa (Accredited Employer work Visa) or apply for residency straightaway. Applications can be made on-shore as well as off-shore, as long as they have a job offer from an accredited employer, meet the requirements of their role, and meet the English language requirements.

Who is Eligible?


To be eligible for this visa path, applicants must be registered with the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ) or Midwifery Council of New Zealand (MCNZ), provide evidence that they have at least one year of nursing experience in a relevant field within five years prior to applying, hold an approved qualification related to their field of work, meet health and character requirements set out by Immigration NZ (INZ), have been issued a formal job offer from an accredited employer and have proof that their salary meets or exceeds the current market rate. Additionally, applicants must prove that they have taken an IELTS test within two years prior to lodgement of their application and scored 6.5 in all four components – speaking, reading writing & listening.

Can you bring the family with you?


Yes! start the next chapter of your life with those closest to you. The changes to the straight to residence visa includes your partner and dependent children aged 24 and under along on your residence application – A fresh start awaits for everyone in the family.

How Can it Help You Achieve Your Goals?


The Straight to Residence Visa provides nurses with an opportunity to pursue their career goals abroad without having to worry about obtaining temporary visas or renewing them regularly. Once your application has been approved by INZ you are legally allowed to live and work anywhere in New Zealand without restrictions on location or position – giving you more freedom than ever before! Additionally, if you are successful in gaining permanent residency through this pathway you will also become eligible for other benefits such as access certain social services like healthcare that would otherwise not be available on temporary visas.

How do you find a nursing/midwifery job in New Zealand?


Due to the staff shortages at the moment, securing a role in New Zealand is relatively easy (if you have right qualifications). If you’re considering a move abroad to New Zealand, get in touch with one of our team to discuss our current opportunities all across NZ. We’ll take the time to match your qualifications and expertise to find the perfect role for you, for free – no strings attached!

Kickstart your next chapter with us – sign up via this link and one of our team will get in contact with you soon.

Moving to New Zealand has never been easier! 


If you are a nurse or midwife looking for opportunities abroad then look no further than the new updates on the ‘Straight to Residence’ visa offered by New Zealand government! With its relaxed eligibility criteria combined with unrestricted access across all regions in New Zealand – it is certainly worth considering when planning your next big move! However, make sure you do your due diligence prior to applying so that there are no surprises during processing time! Good luck!


For more information on the latest updates to the ‘straight to residence visa’ please follow this link: