Entry requirements for Nursing in Australia & New Zealand

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So, you’ve got your heart set on your dream position: either nursing in Australia or New Zealand. You can almost breathe in the mountain air; feel the warm rays against your skin; taste the salt spray off the ocean surf. Perhaps you were swayed by our recent blog post highlighting all the wonderful things about living and working in this part of the world!

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That said, with everything that’s been going on in the past 18 months, relocating for work does feel a little more complicated… Qualifications, VISAs, COVID passports… It’s all a little daunting, isn’t it?

Well, have no worries! Demand for your expertise and skillset is soaring in Australia and New Zealand. The world is opening up. In fact, the healthcare sector in New Zealand and Australia really needs you right now.

As always, if you’d like to talk about options, you are very welcome to contact one of our relocation consultants.

Securing nursing VISAs in Australia and New Zealand

For both destinations, your VISA requirements will be dependent on the position you apply for and your level of qualification.

In most cases, you will have interviewed virtually from your home country and have a position lined up prior to relocation. Depending on your place of work, it may be that your employer can support you with any fees associated with securing your nursing VISA.


New Zealand

What qualifications and entry requirements are currently in place for nursing positions in New Zealand?

For New Zealand, your nursing qualification must be comparable to a Bachelor of Nursing degree – level 7 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF).

To register as a nurse, go through the Nursing Council of New Zealand. The NCNZ update their site regularly and include heaps of information about nursing in New Zealand. Definitely one to bookmark!


What qualifications and entry requirements are currently in place for nursing positions in Australia?

For roles nursing in Australia, you will need to be registered with the AHPRA and hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in nursing. If you are relocating from a non-English speaking country you will need to complete an English competency test. This will form part of your AHPRA registration.


Are you eligible for nursing positions in Australia or New Zealand?

We hope the information here settles some nerves and gives you all you need to take the next step! Confident that you are eligible to apply for nursing positions in Australia or New Zealand? Then, register your interest here. One of our expert relocation consultants will reach out to start you off on your exciting journey with us.